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welcome to whitespaced's little corner of the internet !!

haiii ! im whitespaced ! :3

whitespaced's mii

you may be wondering why you are here or who i am.... i cant answer the first one.... but i can answer the second one.

to start off my real name is johan (he/they), im a silly pansexual nerd who likes computers a little.... too much. i like hacking, programming, and tinkering. im a supporter of free and open source software and online privacy.

desktop computer

what i am doing

im learning computer science and things like C and html/css/javascript (as you can see). i havent made much but any projects i do make will be posted here !! also currently working towards getting a new computer to replace this dusty old desktop.

css/html logos


like i said before, i havent made much. but heres some of what ive made

catppuccin new tab page: /catppuccinNewTab
embedded chess (VERY ALPHA): /embeddedChess
old version of this website: /archive

what i like/use

if you couldnt tell already, i use linux, specifically arch linux. i love the amount of customizability as well as the private and open source nature of it. windows and macos are both not good enough in my opinion (its okay if you use them though!). i also like playing games like tetris, stepmania, taiko no tatsujin, minecraft, and chess !

linux tux

where to find me

things to do here

heres some things u can do here :D
eaglercraftx instance (HTTP ONLY!): /eaglercraftX

world wide web


buttons :3

add my button to ur site !!


arch linux linux apache vim get firefox leave twitter, join mastodon graphics made with gimp firefox: better, safer, faster join the fediverse fuck facebook internet privacy Now! itoddler up all night any browser any os ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DD anything but chrome completely free software best viewed with eyes best viewed with a computer delete tiktok discord? no way! email stand up to google got html? internet explorer is evil i hate microsoft miku approved NFT (No Fucking Thanks) learn html no web3 you're telling me a queer coded this web design is my passion pansexual Valid CSS! w3 html validated


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